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        Zhuzhou Jianfeng Special Metal Co.,Ltd.,established in the 1990's, has been engaged in the production and development of tungsten,molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, titanium and other products. Now we can product 500 tonns tungsten-molybdenum products, 300 tonnes tantalum-niobium products and 200 tonnes cemented carbide products per year, all of which have sold to more than 50 countries such as American, Japan, German, Sweden and Spain. All the products are widely used in the industries of medical, machinery, electronics, chemistry,construction, aviation ,aerospace and so on.

        Following are the main products in our company:Molybdenum Series: molybdenum powder, ultrafine molybdenum powder, metallizing molybdenum powder, metallizing molybdenum wires,molybdenum bars,molybdenum slabs, molybdenum sheets,moybdenum rods, molybdenum wires, line cutting molybdenum wires, molybdenum discs, molybdenum electrodebars, molybdenum electrodes, molybdenu crucibles, molybdenum mandrels ,molybdenum pipes, molybdenum needles, molybdenum targets, molybdenum funnels and so on.

        Tungsten Series: tungsten powder, ultrafine tungsten powder, metallizing tungsten powder, tungsten granulates, tungsten rods, tungsten rods, tungsten electrode rods, tungsten wires, white tungsten wires, stranded tungsten wire coils, tungsten crucibles, tungsten contacts, tungsten needles, tungsten funnels, tungsten pipes, tungsten-rhenium wires, tungsten targets and other tunsgten products such as W-Ce,La-W, Th-W eclectrodes.

        Heavy alloy series: radiation shielding, anti-radiation cans, collimator, multileaf collimators, products with bearings, cluster bomb, HEAT(high explosive anti tank), balls for hunting, armor piercer cores and other tungsten alloys.

        Tungsten-copper alloys, plates, rods and other chapped products.Rare metal series products: rhenium, tantalum, niobium, indium, cobalt and so on.Cemented carbide alloy products: profile series, mould seiries, long stripped plate series and so on.

        As a technology leading company, all the staff have received professional education and training. With more than 40% engineering technicist in the company, we have strong R&D and technological capacity, which has laid a long foundation for the long-term development of our company. All sections from design, development, production to sales and service are very strict ensuring to meet the requirments of the ISO :9001:2008

        All friends and customers from home and abroad are sincerely welcome to our company for guidance and negociations. And hope we can have a win-win cooperation.



    Name:Mr. Huang
    address:No.910 Dongdu Building Hetang area Zhuzhou city Hunan province,China

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